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20 - 26 AugustHollókő - HUNGARY

"We are animals that have the privilege of being actors, because we are acting all of the time. But at the same time, we are spectators of our actions. (...) So we have theatre inside, because we act and we are the observer. We are the spect-actors." (Augusto Boal, 2007)

Forum Theatre as a tool for Community Development

"AUGUSTUS" is an intensive residential training designed to guide participants to plan, design and facilitate Theatre of the Oppressed (T.O.) and Forum Theatre social interventions in communities. 

Facilitated by Roberto Mazzini, it is aimed to T.O. practitioners, Jokers/Kuringa, social workers, community developers, educators, psychologists, human rights activists. Preferred basic knowledge or practice of T.O. and Forum Theatre.


  • Understand how Forum Theatre can be used as tool for Community Development in various contexts (Roma, migrants, convicted, mental/physical disability, marginalized youth, etc.), in the framework of Augusto Boal's and Paulo Freire's methods.
  • Get insight and good practices on how to Design a social intervention in a community using T.O. and Forum Theatre.
  • Macro-Design of an intervention: understand the complexity about how to plan a T.O. intervention that is effective in changing oppressions, keeping in mind the different forces that affect the situation.
  • Micro-Design of an intervention: to create an agenda and to understand how to plan step by step a meaningful list of activities in a specific T.O. session.
  • To establish and strengthen a network of community developers implementing T.O. in communities, also in the context of the "Home of the Theatre of the Oppressed for Hungary (HOTOH)" network.

Training Elements

Macro-Design: design an effective T.O. intervention in a community

Complexity of the oppressive situations. Ethical-political filters. Negotiation under 3 point of views. Analysis of the group's needs. Institution/organization’s objectives and its structure of power. The Freire’s levels of consciousness. Monitoring and effectiveness of evaluation.
Activities: participants’ cases analysis through debate and T.O. techniques; group work to plan, simulation of critical points, best practices for participants.

Micro-Design: plan an agenda for a specific T.O. session

Planning in a team. The typical stages in the T.O. process, critical analysis of design, agenda, risks of each activity and remedies, how to prepare to co-leading, preparation about the thematic, individual psycho, emotional, physical preparation.
Activities: writing agendas, their analysis, group work to create agendas, simulation of agendas, preparation, discussion.

Jokering: lead a Forum play

The Jokers’s main attitude and skills (Maieutics, to be able to problematize, to use Freirean dialogue, to deal with public’s emotions and conflicts, etc.).
Activities: some key theoretical points, exercises to strengthen the skills and improve the Joker’s attitude, simulation of Jokering.
We will have a public session in the local community, presenting a Forum play in Hungarian / English / non-verbal language.

Group creation, de-mechanization, closing

Game-exercises from Boal’s 5 categories; Boal and others. Active tools to close, discard emotions, evaluate, ritualize.

Reflection groups

Reflection and elaboration of the training elements, sharing the daily learnings and reflecting on possible applications in professional and personal lives.
Activities: at the end of each day, there will be a time specifically dedicated to the reflection in small groups about the activities of the day.

Download the AUGUSTUS info-letter HERE (PDF file).

Participation Fee

The participation fee is 300 EUR / 92.000 HUF

Early bird fee - until 10th July : 240 EUR / 74.000 HUF

There is a registration fee of 100 EUR / 31.000 HUF to be paid until 7th August in order to reserve your place, via bank transfer or PayPal. Once you register you will receive an e-mail containing the details for this payment. This fee is non-refundable.
The rest of the fee will be paid on spot.

The fee includes  6-nights accommodation and full board (3 meals per day, according to dietary needs) in a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It does not cover the travel costs, visa and insurance.
This training is not funded by Erasmus+ or any other grant.

There is a limited number of partial scholarships to cover 20% or 50% of the full participation fees (no early bird), specifically intended for social workers willing to include this training opportunity in their own human and professional experience. 

In order to apply for a scholarship it is requested to REGISTER on this website, and to fill the questionnaire that can be found HERE.

For questions and doubts please write to: .


The AUGUSTUS Training will take place in the Creative Space Training Centre ("Kreativ Tér"), located in the beautiful Hungarian village of Hollókő, Hungary: a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The participants will be accommodated in the Creative Space, in high quality 4-bedded sleeping rooms: each room provided with independent bathroom, shower and toilet, and WiFi connection. 


The AUGUSTUS Training consists of 5 working days, 7 to 9 hours of activities each day, adapted to the needs of the group.

Arrival day: Sunday 20th August, before 20.00
Departure day: Saturday 26th August, in the morning

The training language will be a simple and easy-to-understand English.

Contacts & Additional information

For additional information visit our website: .

For any doubts or question, don't hesitate to contact us anytime:

Download the AUGUSTUS info-letter HERE (PDF file).

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Roberto Mazzini

Theatre of the Oppressed trainer since 1989. Psychotherapist specialized in the Biosystemic Therapy, for almost 30 years he has been facilitating Theatre of the Oppressed processes based on the pedagogy of Paulo Freire in many countries on various thematics, including gender violence, intercultural dialogue, peace education, conflict resolution, communitarian processes such as with patients of psychiatric centres and with convicted people in prisons. Translator in Italian of some Augusto Boal's books, for almost 3 decades he has been training activists, social workers and Theatre of the Oppressed facilitators. Author of various publications, including "Theatre of the Oppressed as a tool for Peace Education".
Founder of "Giolli" Social Cooperative:

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ANAMUH - Arts for Dialogue

ANAMUH is a not-for-profit social initiative aimed at establishing and sustaining a space for communitarian dialogue through the use of Theatre and Arts.

We are a group of enthusiast socially-committed artists and theatre practitioners: we believe that Theatre and Arts can make a sustainable positive change within people, in communities, in society.
We believe in Social Theatre and the enormous potential for positive social transformation that it offers, to foster inter-communitarian dialogue, to challenge stereotypes/discrimination, to build bridges among individuals and cultures.
We periodically organize and facilitate various training courses and workshops on various arts and disciplines, open to anyone willing to explore, transform, find inspiration and connection.
ANAMUH envisions a world where diverse communities know, respect and include each other, and where they grow together creating new ideas, tastes and forms of art on the basis of their own identities and cultures.